Phone discussion and free advice at planning stage for all projects. Some projects involve a few hundred plants and one day to complete while others exceed 250,000 plants and are on-going for 3-5 years.

Expert advice on Landscaping major projects including challenging environments and soils.

Ecological restoration including Rainforests and wetlands.  Best Practice suggestions for project implementation.   Richard Vuat is also a popular presenter and enjoys speaking to groups on topics of interest to them eg. Grafting workshops for the Bonsai Club and the Society for Growing Australian Plants, Plant identification in Rainforests for Landcare members, Bush tucker plants for school children, Nursery operations and handling seeds with TAFE students. Also Pest and disease topics, Richard is a qualified Myrtle Rust inspector.

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Site discussion regarding streetscape and public space
landscaping in new housing estate.
On site discussions regarding planting into lime
treated acid sulphate soil beside canals.

Weed Control 

Wildseed offers a fully integrated approach to weed control which is tailored to the individual needs of each site and balanced against the available budget. It is not unusual to use biological control on one species, merely remove seed heads before they mature on another, then apply herbicide to the remaining target species on a site. Labour intensive manual weeding methods like the ‘no chemicals allowed’ Bradley weeding method and general hand weeding are also available.

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Blanket spraying of old blackberry infestation prior to burning
off to clear site. Thick, three metre canes of blackberry
covered this 30m x 50m area for the previous two decades.

 Heavy infestations of English ivy in a Rainforest pocket on
private land. Herbicide was applied to seedlings at ground
level the ‘cut ‘n’ paint’ technique killed the rest.

Site Preparation

Again, an integrated approach is used to create the best possible conditions for planting. Often includes weed control work but it also includes measures like stock-exclusion fencing, dealing with pest rabbits/deer etc and compacted soils where livestock or heavy machinery have been on the planting strip. Pasture grass is often present but should not be blanket sprayed as it acts as erosion control, crowds out other weeds and keeps the ground cooler over summer. Instead consider spraying or whipper-snipping planting dots where needed. As the planted trees and shrubs grow they’ll shade out the pasture grasses anyway…

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Sprayed out planting dots for a client's riversbank planting
recipe eg trees at 10m spacings, shrubs at 3 - 5m and
grasses in the rest.
Wildseed uses Frog-friendly herbicide and harmless dye where essential. In this case, the best option was to whipper-snip using the blade attachment then plant as soon as ground moisture levels were adequate. Weed mat squares and tree guards were installed the same day as planting to avoid thistles germinating in the bare patch.

Planting & Guarding

Planting begins when adequate ground moisture levels are reached during Autumn/Winter. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to complete bigger projects or those with complicated planting recipes. The crew get a few thousand seedlings loaded into the trailer with attention to the order best suited to the planting recipe.  Once on-site, everyone sets about their task for the first hour. Put simply, someone is using the Petrol Auger to drill holes while the others are tipping out seedlings, and someone will be planting.  They all rotate jobs every hour to share the load. If weed mats and /or tree-guards are to be used, these will be laid and installed by other staff so that as each area is completed, the plant trailer moves along beside the crew.

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Individual weed mat squares with pre-cut holes for plant
and stakes installed beneath tree guards on this roadside
project for the Shire council.
Residential housing estate wetland is being planted as the lake fills. Notice the bigger clumps of wetland plants used to withstand browsing by ducks. This area is too large to consider using a chicken wire coverings to exclude water birds until plants are fully anchored. Fast growing grasses, planted closer together will help crowd out weeds on this new wetland.

Site Monitoring

And reporting as needed on ecological restoration projects and in housing estates.  
This is a 2006 before photo of a riverbank stabilisation project and again in 2010 when the trees were over 7mtrs tall and the shrubs had filled out.
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Maintenance and follow up care

Wildseed offers on-going regular maintenance or occasional care on all sites they plant out. We do not seek home mowing or related gardening type contracts. This is an extra service for our existing clients and often involves one to three years of bi monthly visits to keep weeds in check in environments ranging from wetlands to Rainforest pockets on private land, often combined with supplementary planting.

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