The main function of our wholesale production nursery is growing quality seedlings and cuttings in 250cc forestry tubes. These sell by the crate (of 50) and prices start at $1-00 per seedling. Main applications include revegetation projects, bush tucker projects, farm trees for shelter belts and windbreaks and even plantations for wood products.  We have a qualified Myrtle blight/rust inspector on staff so our plants are healthy and disease free.

Orders should be placed before Spring if planting out the following Autumn/Winter. There is usually a clearance sale of surplus stock before the end of June on a first in basis.
Dianella longifolia seedlings just potted.


Landscaping plants

Supertubes and standard 6”/150mm pots and above.

These have been used mostly on housing estates for entrances, roundabouts, display homes and even golf courses. These hardy and garden worthy plants are not all local to East Gippsland. Super tubes are about half the diameter of a 150mm pot and twice the depth. These are used to grow older and taller plants which does away with the need for tree-guards by keeping the tree foliage above rabbit browse height.  They are often used to grow advance grasses for lining long driveways etc.  Prices start at $4-00 and again we grow to order.

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Callistemon citrinus (Crimson bottlebrush) - bird attracting, medium shrub Brachyscome multifida (Rockc daisy) a hardy perenial groundcover. Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Common everlasting /yellow buttons) groundcover
with Dianella tasmanica (Native Flax)
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Lythrum salicaria (Swamp or Purple loosestrife) Herbaceous wetland margin aquatic Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Rosea' - Ornamental small tree from western Victoria/Sth Aust.


Advanced trees

All trees and some shrubs are grown in Trentcom Rocket TM pots. This container has advanced air pruning design which prevents roots girdling as happens with smooth-walled pots and plastic bags etc. It also does away with the risk of becoming pot bound if planting is delayed for some reason.  The walls and bottom part of a rocket pot is fastened with a pin which can be pulled apart to remove the tree without any damage to the root system. Available in a range of sizes up to 50cm pots. 0032 003opt


Other Containers


Full range of options available and we have feedback on using most of them in different situations.  Wetland plants can be suppled in your container of choice but the best option is to grow wetland plants in trays which withstand browsing.


Revegetation products

A variety of options for Weedmatting and Tree-guards as well as related products such as Browsing deterrent (Sen-tree) and Frost protectant (Envy) etc,.


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